Interpreter Translators – What Are Core Differences?

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The world of interpreting is vast and diverse. We at Terakoya Multi-Language Solution, provide professional interpreting and translation services for all industries including health and social care, in all languages, and in every mode of communication.

We provide professional interpreters and translators for all kinds of events and conferences. From small gatherings to large-scale international events, our team of experienced interpreters will ensure that everyone understands everything clearly.

We offer interpreter translators services in all major sectors like medical, legal, technical, business, meetings, government, deals and more. Whether you require interpreter service over the phone, office, at home and in other locations we are always here to help you 24x7 in all over India and abroad.

Terakoya Multi-Language solution provides interpretation services for meetings, conferences, seminars, training sessions, court proceedings, interviews, and many other events. We offer professional, reliable, and cost-effective interpretation services.

Whether you need consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, or sight interpretation, we’re always here to help. Our team of professional interpreters and translators will ensure your needs are met, whether you’re working on the phone, online, or in person.

Simultaneous Interpretation The term simultaneous interpreting refers to the process of interpreting two languages simultaneously.

It is usually done when there are two speakers who speak different languages and want to communicate with each other. In this case, the interpreter needs to interpret both languages simultaneously.

Consecutive Interpretation is when a deaf person uses sign language interpreters who are standing next to each other.

The first interpreter translates the spoken words into sign language, while the second interprets the sign language back into speech. This process continues until both parties understand what the other party is saying.

Sight Interpretation is a process where people who are blind or visually impaired use technology to interpret information about objects, places, events, etc., for others.

This includes using a screen reader to read aloud text on websites, mobile apps, and printed materials. It may also include using a Braille display to show images or video.

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Interpreting Services — Defined

Interpretation services are provided by qualified interpreters who are trained to interpret between two languages. They may be used in courtrooms, hospitals, schools, businesses, government agencies, and many other places where people need to communicate effectively.

Interpreting is an audio form of communication mode where at least one language is spoken. For example:

A conference-based interpreting service where the speaker’s message is simultaneously interpreted into sign language. (1 spoken, 1 visual)

A medical interpreting service involving a patient in a UK hospital who doesn’t speak English. The interpreter relays the patient’s needs to the doctor, and the doctor’s diagnosis to the patient. (2 spoken)

A document sight interpreting service where an English woman finds a family letter written in Italian and wants to know what it says. The interpreter reads the letter aloud in English. (1 visual, 1 spoken)

Phone Interpreting Services
Phone interpreting services are available (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) through many interpreter service companies. They provide interpretation services over the phone. The person who needs the interpretation will call the interpreter company and request an interpreter. The interpreter will listen to the conversation on the phone and interpret what is being said. This allows people who don’t speak English well to communicate with someone who does.
In Person Interpreting Services
In person interpretation services are available for people who need help understanding spoken language. They are usually provided by trained professionals who speak both languages fluently. The professional interpreters may use a variety of methods to communicate between two parties, depending on the situation.

The Difference Between Translator And Interpreter

There are two main types of people who translate text from one language to another: translators and interpreters.

Translators translate written words, sentences, paragraphs, etc., from one language to another. They may use dictionaries, glossaries, or other reference materials to help them understand the meaning of the original text.

Interpreters interpret spoken words, phrases, sentences, etc., from one person to another. They may rely on dictionaries, glossaries or other reference materials to understand the meaning of the spoken word.


Similarities between Interpreters and Translators

Both interpreters and translators work with a source language (which is the original language from which they’re working) and a target language.

Translators and Interpreters both work to start with a source language and a target language.

Both have required professional qualifications.

Both the translator and Interpreter are linguists.

Both Interpreters and translators extract a message from the source language and convey it to their target language.


Differences between Translators and Interpreters

Translators work with the written language whereas an Interpreter works with the spoken word.

Translators charge on a per-word, per hour or per-page basis whereas interpreters are paid by the hour, by the day or by monthly.

Translators work in their native language whereas interpreters may be required to interpret both from and into their mother tongue, such as interpreters doing liaison interpreting for hospitals, police, courts, and so on.

Translators may have time on their side to a certain degree whereas interpreters have no time. They must have proficient in delivering the message in live time.

Tools are totally different for translators and interpreters. Translators use dictionaries, computers, internet-linked devices and CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools whereas interpreters may use headphones, notepads and pens for taking notes- but most importantly they must be active at the time of interpreting the words.

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